Accept Who I Am Today


How do I thank you for coming and being born as a baby.
To give hope, love, grace, mercy and light to all who receive you.
So much love and grace I know you have given to others and to me.
I wonder what it is that I can do to show your love.
Many years you have given me and so thankful for that I am.
Independence is what I long for but it never seems to come.
Maybe acceptance is what I need to do.

Accept Who I Am Today, what I can do today.
Start each day with renewed strength in You.
That the day has been given me to serve You by serving others.
Thank You God, for giving us love and light through your Son.
Give me strength to do all You want me to do.
And to Accept Who I Am Today.

Gay Nell Olive

2 thoughts on “Accept Who I Am Today

  1. Hello Gayle! I recognize your name!! Beautiful thoughtful post. I often ask the Lord, to open the door for me to be a blessing to others. Boy, it sure helps me get my eyes off my own dusty feet dragging along in this world. One takes on a lighter step and and joy of heart. Blessings to you!

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  2. Thank you Denise. I replied immediately on a mobile device and I see now that I am on my lap top that I did not send it I don’t guess. Thank you for your kind words. Your words on your blog are beautiful and show your love for the Lord. Thanks again for stopping by my blog.

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