The firmament shows His handiwork

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The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork.                              Psalm 19: 1 NKJV

As we drove home one afternoon the sunset was beautiful. The colors were continuing to change.  I was taking pictures as fast as I could with my husband’s cell phone.  At one point the woods looked as if they were on fire. Black was coming out of the redness as if it was smoke. We were completely mesmerized by the beauty.


5 thoughts on “The firmament shows His handiwork

  1. Beautiful. Taking photos of sunrises and sunsets have long been a hobby of mine.

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  2. I have not been taking them long but they are so beautiful. A master piece of art.

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  3. Beautiful:) Looking forward to seeing and reading more of your blog. Thank you for coming by to visit me:) blessings, denise

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  4. Thank you. So happy I found your blog.

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  5. Back at you neighbor:) blessings for the New Year!

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