Hummingbirds flying back and forth. Rushing they are to their source of strength. Some share and some do not. They want it all for themselves. Peaceful it is watching them. And hearing them humming in the air. Many thoughts I have as I watch. How we rush to our source of strength. And sharing with … Continue reading THE HUMMINGBIRD


My friend has taught me some finer things in life. Things I did not know I was missing. Garden grazing is one of those things Sounds so very strange to my ears. Without my friend I could not manage. Helping me with so many things. Hard aches and trials she does have. Ones you would … Continue reading GARDEN GRAZING

A “Gift” Came Your Way

Many years ago, a gift came your way. Unexpected it was, shocking and life changing. Challenges so many, Were brought your way. Forward you stepped, full of strength, That only God can give. Someone special it takes. To be chosen to receive this gift. Someone who is loving, Caring, wise and giving. Twenty-four/seven,non-stop resilience, No … Continue reading A “Gift” Came Your Way

Today Is The Day

Today, today is the day, God made special for us. One of three it started, Then four and five were added. On this day he created you. Gave to us a life so rare. Full of love, joy and kindness. Serving and loving her Lord. This is your day, God gave you live. Today, today … Continue reading Today Is The Day

Mr. Mockingbird

Mr. Mockingbird on the window's ledge. What makes you go up and down, Pecking on my window pane? Is it your reflection that you see? Protecting your babies you must think, As in their nest they lay close by. Up and down, morning until night, Pecking on my window pane. Gay Nell Olive

April,27 2015

April 27, 2011. Winds blew and swirled about, Not carrying what they touched. Trees twisted, pulled up by roots. Broken limbs everywhere. Homes destroyed, lives taken. Devastation everywhere. Only seconds and all is gone. The life that once we knew. We must start all over again. Where can we find the strength. Disaster it did … Continue reading April,27 2015

Understanding Others

Understanding Others Easy it's not to understand others, When in their shoes we've not walked. But love is the same no matter what. He who created me, created them. Love is patient and kind, believing, Trusting and enduring all things. Leaving judgement to our creator Brings understanding others with ease. Gay Nell Olive

THS 50th!!

Fifty years, how can it be Just doesn't seem true to me You've gone your way,I've gone mine And now we meet once again How blessed we are, to see each other For some of us, we will miss We loved them then, and love them now Their place in our heart remains It seems … Continue reading THS 50th!!