April,27 2015

April 27, 2011.
Winds blew and swirled about,
Not carrying what they touched.
Trees twisted, pulled up by roots.
Broken limbs everywhere.
Homes destroyed, lives taken.
Devastation everywhere.
Only seconds and all is gone.
The life that once we knew.
We must start all over again.
Where can we find the strength.
Disaster it did come.
But God’s grace and love was evident.
Outpouring of kindness and goodwill
Abounded everywhere.
It still hurts so much to look back,
And not see the same thing there.
But it’s forward that we shall look.
This is the day that we are given.
April 27, 2015.

Gay Nell Olive

Author: Gay Nell Olive

Giving Praise and Thanks to Christ Always- Sharing Photography of Wildlife, Wildflowers, Poetry

3 thoughts on “April,27 2015”

  1. Gay Nell, I was not remembering that today 4 years ago Tuscaloosa was hit by a tornado, never to be the same again. Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

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  2. Shirley, I just noticed I did not respond to you last year. Forgive me. I also read the poem again and noted quite a few errors that I started to correct or edit but decided I would leave. I have become aware of many errors in my writing,especially word recall, but I am going to continue, errors and all.


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