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One afternoon while sitting on my front porch, I noticed this Stick Bug.  I knew that it was certainly lost from its natural habitat.  I felt there were lessons that I and maybe others could learn from this Stick Bug.


I wonder as I see you there,

How lonely you must be.

Far away from your home,

Your surroundings so strange indeed.

I watch you as you struggle to move,

Just to go a little more.

Can a lesson be found,

Maybe one about loneliness?

Giving thanks to God always,

That people never have to feel alone.

Hebrews 13:5-6 (HCSB)

5 Your life should be free from the love of money. Be satisfied with what you have, for He Himself has said, I  will never leave you or forsake you.                      6  Therefore, we may boldly say,  The Lord is my helper:  I will not be afraid.  What can man do to me?   



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Be still in the moment.
Listen, look at life.
Acknowledge Him.



PSALMS 46:10

10 Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth! NKJV



As freezing temperatures approached,  I  cut the stem and brought the blooms inside.


Amaryllis 2017


Thankful For This Day

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sky-102-1                                            Thankful for the day                                                                                                                                                      Let peace and love surround us

Different We Are

Photography, Poetry

Different we are                                                                                                                                                 As this pear tree’s twisted form                                                                                                                   Our fruit still to bear


Just to Know

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Just to know you are not alone.                                                                                                                     Just to know someone understands.                                                                                                           Someone hears, someone knows.                                                                                                               Gives a peace that came from above.                                                                                                           That was sent just for you.                                                                                                                               Hold on to it, it was a gift.                                                                                                                               Others  understand and care.                                                                                                                         You are not alone.




Giving God the Glory


Being Thankful in all Things

As I have shared my experiences with many people, I have heard and been told many stories of how God has worked in some one’s life.  There is nothing God cannot do if we let Him.  We are to be thankful for all things.  We often do not understand our circumstances but if we trust Jesus we can be certain that the best of the situation will occur.   Being human, it may be hard for us to understand how it could be the best, but our trust and faith in Jesus assures us that we will be taken care of and that things will work out for the Glory of God, which is what we desire as Christians.   In  2 Corinthians 4:15,  we read , Indeed, everything is for your benefit, so that grace, extended through more and more people, may cause thanksgiving to increase to God’s glory.  (HCSB)


I Thank You Lord

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This is a poem of praise I wrote several years after the event that left me in a mind and body I did not know.  I knew if I did not do everything I could on each day I had been given, I was dishonoring God for giving me that day.  So this is not a recent event I am writing about, but I just decided to share it publicly.  My journey to this point has been long, and it was accomplished only with His help.


i thnak you Lord

Journey of Life


Traveling our journey of life.
Sometimes we go with such ease.
Feeling the warm sunshine.
Fresh breezes of air.
Seeing and hearing.
The wonders of nature.
Then there are times.
When struggles, difficulties come.
And the journey is not easy.
Others we might question.
Or want that they would do more.
But realizing their journey.
May also not be easy.
And they might need our help.
Remembering the Golden Rule.
Pray for others with no exclusion.
As you would have others pray for you.
Being thankful always.
Has no limitations.
It’s being thankful in all situations.
Resting in the peace.
God is right beside you.





This Burning Bush shot I’ve shared other places and it was captured when the sun was shining directly on it by someone else who prefers not to be mentioned.

Spirits of Faith

Twisted roads, straight paths.
During our journey of life.
With spirits of faith.
Hearts will shine light to others.
For God’s glory to reveal.

tanka poetry 5-7-5-7-7



My friend has taught me some finer things in life.
Things I did not know I was missing.

Garden grazing is one of those things
Sounds so very strange to my ears.

Without my friend I could not manage.
Helping me with so many things.

Hard aches and trials she does have.
Ones you would not want to claim.

She knows the word endurance.
And what life is all about.

She has taught me some finer things in life.
Things I did not know I was missing.

Garden Grazing

Garden Grazing

Garden grazing is one of those things.
Sounds so very strange to my ears.

A tomato, I may have eaten from the vine.
Even, blueberries,blackberries ,apples and figs.

But okra ! I was in shock.
Green beans,yes green beans.

And let us not leave out peas.
Just go ahead and shell them and eat.

Some finer things in life I’ve been taught.
Things I did not know I was missing.

Garden grazing is one of those things.
Sounds so very strange to my ears.

Gay Nell Olive

A “Gift” Came Your Way


Many years ago, a gift came your way.
Unexpected it was, shocking and life changing.

Challenges so many,
Were brought your way.

Forward you stepped, full of strength,
That only God can give.

Someone special it takes.
To be chosen to receive this gift.

Someone who is loving,
Caring, wise and giving.

Twenty-four/seven,non-stop resilience,
No one really understands but you.

Long it wasn’t for you to be filled with love.
Chosen for this “gift” that came your way.

Gay Nell Olive ( for a friend)

Aphasia Help

Praise, Thoughts Today

Listening to what you type and auto correct are fantastic tools. Maybe time consuming but still fantastic. Going back and listening to what I type, I find so many words that were not the word I intended for it to be. In the spoken word we can not do do that. Once it comes out, it is out.

I thank another blogger who directed me to an article by Johns Hopkins Hospital that I have attached below if anyone is interested. The study may help with rehabilitation of aphasia.
Two and one half years ago I was encouraged by my occupational therapist to take books and read them out loud instead of silently to gain confidence in speaking and communicating in conversations with other people. This was a great help and I mention it if anyone is reading that might need this or know someone that does.
Gay Nell Olive

I Have A New Me

Praise, Thoughts Today

How can it be, I have a new me.
Lost in a mind I did not know,
With a body I did not recognize.

The road seemed long,
Full of bumps and curves.
Questions of what, how and when?

My heart, brain and body rearranged.
Hard it was to keep on moving.
Challenges kept changing my direction.

Memory and words were strangers.
Fatigue was my best friend.
A source of strength took over for me.

Filled me with the spirit of life, the will to be alive.
Accepting was the hardest part.
Accepting I have a new me.

Gay Nell Olive