Just For Fun Can You Find Him?

A mishap in photography. I almost missed him. Just for fun,can you find him?CAN YOU FIND HIM

5 thoughts on “Just For Fun Can You Find Him?

  1. Is it a yellow bird with a black wing? Not sure what to look for.


  2. No,not a bird. It is the fox squirrel. You will have to click and enlarge the picture joyful2bee Thanks for asking.

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  3. I saw your smaller picture and went back and found it. Good eye!!


  4. Thanks. I almost missed him with the camera on this shot.

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  5. Reblogged this on RENEWING OF MIND AND BODY and commented:

    I thought I would share this again for any that may have missed it last year.
    I will post later and show you where he is if you have problems seeing him.


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