Last year I posted what had happen to this tree.  While sitting on my porch I was able to get this picture of both of them. They have only been back a few more times.  I think maybe they have a nest close by. I don't know. The woods are full of trees for them. … Continue reading RED HEAD WOODPECKER

Bluebirds In Wheat Field

I am not a camera professional and my pictures are not always clear and crisp. The settings I leave to the camera. Regardless, I really had fun this morning taking pictures of these bluebirds.  I noticed that the male would fly off with the female and come back with her at the same time.  He … Continue reading Bluebirds In Wheat Field

The Parents Are Doing Fine

The parents are awaiting the day and I know this mother will be glad to get out of this hot sun.  I think the goslings should hatch sometime during this next week.

A Perfect Place For A Family

I was so excited when I saw these two Canadian geese on this lake. At my age, I still get excited and thrilled to watch wildlife go through the process of the incubation period, watching the eggs hatch and the goslings (in this case) emerge.   The gander is always close by keeping watch over his … Continue reading A Perfect Place For A Family

Red Fox Squirrel….Here He Is!

As before,  I am sharing where he is if you could not enlarge the picture and find him.     RED FOX SQUIRREL    

Happy New Year Every One!

My photography mishap, that I turned into a game received the most views.  I am sharing it again. The Red Fox  Squirrel.  Thank you for all your support, likes and comments these past few months. I have enjoyed reading your post and seeing your beautiful photography. You all are so kind to accept me into this … Continue reading Happy New Year Every One!

Just For Fun Did You Find Him? Here he is!

He was well camouflaged. I found out some were having difficulty seeing him.  I got some help to be able to send you this picture showing him. I hope you had fun looking for him.