(First shared July 6)


If words could heal.
And bring you comfort.
I would fill the page full.
I would write to there was no end.
To ease the pain.
I know you are in.

Prayers so many are being prayed.
For you just now.
We all hurt, we all care.
Look up to God above.
Your heart and mind He does love.
Peace and comfort He can give.

Tell Him all about how you feel.
He cares so much for you.
Your pain and hurt will still be there.
But easier you will find.
To carry the burden and the load.
That your heart feels.

Let go, look up and take His hand.
Let Him walk beside you.
Or carry you if you need Him to.
Just call Him by His name.
You will know that you are in His care.
And that is all that you need.

Gay Nell Olive

2 thoughts on “All THAT YOU NEED

  1. Incredible that I should find this in my mail just now. I’m feeling such a heavy burden in my heart in caring for my husband with cancer. Thank you for reminding me that the Universe is with me.


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