I Have A New Me

How can it be, I have a new me.
Lost in a mind I did not know,
With a body I did not recognize.

The road seemed long,
Full of bumps and curves.
Questions of what, how and when?

My heart, brain and body rearranged.
Hard it was to keep on moving.
Challenges kept changing my direction.

Memory and words were strangers.
Fatigue was my best friend.
A source of strength took over for me.

Filled me with the spirit of life, the will to be alive.
Accepting was the hardest part.
Accepting I have a new me.

Gay Nell Olive

1 thought on “I Have A New Me

  1. Oh, Gay Nell, I am so thankful God gave you the will to live. You are such a blessing to me and numerous others! I still have my sis!

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