Last year I posted what had happen to this tree.  While sitting on my porch I was able to get this picture of both of them. They have only been back a few more times.  I think maybe they have a nest close by. I don’t know. The woods are full of trees for them.  I think the woodpecker is a beautiful bird.   That is a lot of work on that tree to get some food.

From one day to the next afternoon, our geese and the eggs were gone. We were shocked and clueless.  There was no sign of broken eggs, feathers or anything.  They were just gone.  It has been hard for me to post this. But yes, I had become attached.


Journey of Life

Traveling our journey of life.
Sometimes we go with such ease.
Feeling the warm sunshine.
Fresh breezes of air.
Seeing and hearing.
The wonders of nature.
Then there are times.
When struggles, difficulties come.
And the journey is not easy.
Others we might question.
Or want that they would do more.
But realizing their journey.
May also not be easy.
And they might need our help.
Remembering the Golden Rule.
Pray for others with no exclusion.
As you would have others pray for you.
Being thankful always.
Has no limitations.
It’s being thankful in all situations.
Resting in the peace.
God is right beside you.


Weeks later I am still trying to organize the blog to make it flow easily and but I am not sure that I am accomplishing that. I would like to see it organized as I see some other blogs but I have learned to accept and be happy with what I have done.  I hope that you can find my older post if you are visiting for the first time if that is what you desire to do. I will keep posting and trying new ways . Thank each one of you that have liked, followed, commented and supported me.

Thank You

About 6 weeks ago I started the blog. I’ve changed, rearranged,added to, and taken away. Reading and comparing other’s blogs has helped me along with WordPress instructions. Being able to accomplish this is totally awesome and amazing. I had no idea what I was doing or how to do it. I just started and took it one step at a time. That’s why so many changes were made. I have problems with organizing so I’m still working on this category and post aspect. I function my days by routine steps. If a step is left out, I get confused. So I have to do this on the same basis. It’s time confusing and tiring but my rewards have been great. I hope that someone will find my blog rewarding and encouraging to them also. I am thankful to each one of you that have liked, commented and followed my blog. Your encouragement is appreciated very much. Gay Nell Olive