Thank You

About 6 weeks ago I started the blog. I’ve changed, rearranged,added to, and taken away. Reading and comparing other’s blogs has helped me along with WordPress instructions. Being able to accomplish this is totally awesome and amazing. I had no idea what I was doing or how to do it. I just started and took it one step at a time. That’s why so many changes were made. I have problems with organizing so I’m still working on this category and post aspect. I function my days by routine steps. If a step is left out, I get confused. So I have to do this on the same basis. It’s time confusing and tiring but my rewards have been great. I hope that someone will find my blog rewarding and encouraging to them also. I am thankful to each one of you that have liked, commented and followed my blog. Your encouragement is appreciated very much. Gay Nell Olive

2 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Indeed I do find your blog encouraging! I hope and pray that you are able to continue to blog your thoughts and poems. I believe God can use our modern day technology to allow us to reach other women that share our faith and to encourage one another in our daily walk with HIM! I am reminded often of a friends wise counsel to me when I complained of my inability to do the things I would like to do….she said, focus on and thank God for the things you can do! This is so important for those of us struggling to accept our disabilities and not let ourselves become discouraged because we may not be able to take advantage of the ministry opportunities we see our friends doing. I pray that all of us suffering from a disability will be able to thank God for what we can do and to encourage one another to do the same!

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