Lords and Ladies

Name is Arum italicum (Lords and Ladies) not Jack in the Pulpit

A long time friend did some research for me and discovered I had the wrong name for this beautiful plant. It is not Jack in the Pulpit as I once thought. A very kind, older gentleman gave me this plant, so it will always be special to me regardless of the name. I think I will leave the identification of plants to those more qualified than I am. I will just take their pictures and enjoy their beauty.


I wanted to post and update showing all the stages of growth of this plant.  It always has something growing throughout the season.

Lords of Ladies

5 thoughts on “Lords and Ladies

  1. The last 2 images — seed heads? fruit? — are so unusual. I’ve not seen anything quite like it. And you’re right, a name is only a convenience. Handy at times, but often the actual plant or animal is more important. 🙂

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  2. I totally agree Sally. I just enjoy their beauty . Thanks for stopping by my post.

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  3. Lords and ladies–I like that!!


  4. Most welcome 🙂


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