Twisted Vines/Twisted Roads

Twisted vines in all directions

How do you know where to go

Up and up the trellis you climb

No end it seems you can find


Flowers pretty on the vine

Leaving sights and smells to behold

Have I flowered on my twisted road

Given beauty to behold


Twisted our roads in life may be

Going, it seems, in all directions

Upward, forward, reaching for the goal

Always more to be done


Looking backward on our vine

What is it that we see

Flowers of love and kindness

Fragrance to be remembered


Times with dried blooms

Weak and non-producing

Restoration we had to receive

Never broken from our source of strength


Your flower is gone but beauty remains

As on the trellis you do cling

Our lives are much the same

Hoping beauty remains


The beauty of sharing God’s love

Given freely to everyone

With the fragrance of kindness

On twisted vines and twisted roads