Showing Love to Others

I read a few post of friends who had love ones dying or that had died. I read a post from a respiratory therapist of the pain, heartache and struggle caring for Covid patients and seeing die alone in the hospital. I faced a lot of difficult situations the 35 plus years that I was … Continue reading Showing Love to Others

Just to Know

Just to know you are not alone.                                                                                                 … Continue reading Just to Know

Journey of Life

Traveling our journey of life. Sometimes we go with such ease. Feeling the warm sunshine. Fresh breezes of air. Seeing and hearing. The wonders of nature. Then there are times. When struggles, difficulties come. And the journey is not easy. Others we might question. Or want that they would do more. But realizing their journey. … Continue reading Journey of Life

Natural Beauty Inside and Out

What a joy to see her walk into a room. Brings sunshine and smiles everywhere. One person so full of love. Sharing the sweet kindness given her. A jewel she is, given to us. With radiant beauty to brighten all our ways. Looking always upward to her Father above. Showing us where her strength does … Continue reading Natural Beauty Inside and Out

Understanding Others

Understanding Others Easy it's not to understand others, When in their shoes we've not walked. But love is the same no matter what. He who created me, created them. Love is patient and kind, believing, Trusting and enduring all things. Leaving judgement to our creator Brings understanding others with ease. Gay Nell Olive