Giving Thanks Always with My Daughter

Many years ago I lay on my couch grieving with my 5 year old daughter playing on the floor beneath me. My heart was crying out to God, "Why did my baby have to die?" I was hurting with pain and grief like I had never felt before. I was recovering from a miscarriage. I … Continue reading Giving Thanks Always with My Daughter

I Thank You Lord

This is a poem of praise I wrote several years after the event that left me in a mind and body I did not know.  I knew if I did not do everything I could on each day I had been given, I was dishonoring God for giving me that day.  So this is not … Continue reading I Thank You Lord

Have A Plan

The day is here Waste not the time You've been given Make your plans And start your day Accomplish whatever you can Doesn't have to be great Or impressive to anyone As long as you have won Won that battle of sitting Or lying and not moving Feeling like you can't No matter how hard … Continue reading Have A Plan

One Day I Will Be Back

One Day I Will Be Back How can it be, I do not know, That friends seem so far away. Deeper and deeper in thought I'm going. Will I get lost and not come back? How did I get here, when did it happen? People all around me, there used to be. But now I … Continue reading One Day I Will Be Back


Aphasia may be mild or severe. The person may have trouble finding the right word or understanding complex conversations. Global aphasia, limits the person's ability to communicate. The person does not participate in or understand. This is a great concern of mine from the position of the nurse and the patient. So many people are … Continue reading APHASIA


If you have the time, Slow down,your talking so fast. I can not understand. Can you repeat, just say it again. My word processor works, But it is slower now. Repeat and tell me again. I want to understand. I would like to talk, If you have time. You will have to help me Find … Continue reading IF YOU HAVE TIME

Never Alone

My mind and body have been renewed. With adversity came knowledge, then insight. With my eyes on Jesus, my race I ran. I was never alone. Gay Nell Olive