A “Gift” Came Your Way

Many years ago, a gift came your way.
Unexpected it was, shocking and life changing.

Challenges so many,
Were brought your way.

Forward you stepped, full of strength,
That only God can give.

Someone special it takes.
To be chosen to receive this gift.

Someone who is loving,
Caring, wise and giving.

Twenty-four/seven,non-stop resilience,
No one really understands but you.

Long it wasn’t for you to be filled with love.
Chosen for this “gift” that came your way.

Gay Nell Olive ( for a friend)

Have A Plan

The day is here
Waste not the time
You’ve been given

Make your plans
And start your day
Accomplish whatever you can

Doesn’t have to be great
Or impressive to anyone
As long as you have won

Won that battle of sitting
Or lying and not moving
Feeling like you can’t

No matter how hard
It is to do ,rewards are there
Waiting for you

Feeling and knowing
That you have accomplished                                                                                                           God’s plan for you this day

Gay Nell Olive