I knew a gift had been sent to me.
When before my eyes I saw your name.
Peace that comes only from above.
Now took my anxiety away.

Pain was coming with so little movement.
Nothing gave complete relief.
All my vision was obscured.
For any comfort or mobility.

If only in life when someone see’s my name.
I could give to them that same peace.
We always rest in the palm of the Savior’s hand.
But I knew one of His angels had been sent my way




This Burning Bush shot I’ve shared other places and it was captured when the sun was shining directly on it by someone else who prefers not to be mentioned.

Spirits of Faith

Twisted roads, straight paths.
During our journey of life.
With spirits of faith.
Hearts will shine light to others.
For God’s glory to reveal.

tanka poetry 5-7-5-7-7

Delighting Ourselves In The Lord

The birds are singing, squirrels scurrying.
The sun is shining, and roses blooming.
I see the Lord every where.

Life is a gift, a gift from above.
It doesn’t have to come.
Be full of praise and joy.

Thankful we should always be.
We are alive,surrender all.
Giving glory to God always.

Trials and hardships may come our way.
But strength and joy can remain.
Coming only from above.

To Him our cares we can take.
Each prayer we say He hears.
Rejoicing fills our days.

Give it up, all to Him.
And our heart’s ease we will find.
Delighting Ourselves In The Lord.

Gay Nell Olive